We build 32-String Tenor Bowed Psalteries in a variety of exotic hardwoods and with many different motifs. Comes with a matching bow.

Bowed Psalteries for Sale


What is a Psaltery?

A psaltery is a stringed musical instrument of the zither family.

The psaltery of Ancient Greece was a harp-like instrument. The word psaltery derives from the Ancient Greek, “psaltērion” (stringed instrument, psaltery, and harp). In the King James Version of the Bible, "psaltery," and its plural, "psalteries," is used to translate several words whose meaning is now unknown. In the Christian era, a psaltery consisting of a soundboard with several pre-tuned strings that are usually plucked came into use. From the 12th through the 15th century psalteries are widely seen in manuscripts, paintings and sculpture throughout Europe. In the 19th century several related zithers came into use, notably the guitar zither and the autoharp. In the 20th century, the bowed psaltery came into wide use. It is set up in a triangular format so that the end portion of each string can be bowed.